Scale Aviation Modeller International — February 2018

(Jacob Rumans) #1
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12 Augsburg’s Early Eagles
AMG’s 1/48 Messerschmitt
Bf.109A by Jay Blakemore

Something borrowed, something new,

something old, and something blue!


o, I am not attending
a wedding, just
Spielwarenmesse (the
Nuremberg International Toy Fair),
the world’s largest trade fair for toys,
hobbies, and games, which takes
over the Bavarian city of Nuremberg
for four days every year. The size
of this event cannot be stressed
enough; it is truly staggering.
Some numbers: 73,000 visitors
will attend the event, to view over
2,850 stands with over a million
products, on display in 15 halls.
Our hobby, combined with
assembled metal cars and
aircraft, takes up just a third of
one hall, but even then, after a
couple of days wandering the
halls I still keep finding new
models that I have missed!
So why the title of
this piece, you ask?
Every year we will see a couple

of hundred new aircraft releases
announced at the show. Some of
these will be old kits, released
with new decals, although this
is now becoming increasingly
rare, as many manufacturers
are retiring their older kits for
all new-tooled examples (with
the exception of Hasegawa!)
An increasing trend is to borrow
kits from other manufacturers.
Revell is the master of this,
with Eduard, Hasegawa, ICM,
and Zvezda all getting a wider
distribution in Revell boxes. And of
course, Eduard are also very good
at releasing limited runs based
on kits from Academy, Hasegawa,
and AMK, and then adding etched
brass, resin, and new decals to
make good kits outstanding.
But it is the new kits that always
gets me excited. As I write this in
early January, there are already

rumours surfacing as to what
will be announced at the show,
and if even half of these are true
we are in for another great year.
So is there any need to be blue
about the future of our hobby?
Last year, at the suggestion of
a reader, we introduced the Just
Landed section to the magazine,
where you can find all of the kits
that have been released in the
preceding months. When this was
suggested I thought, “Oh, that
will be easy to do, just a case of
trawling through manufacturers’
and retailers’ websites, and maybe
I’ll get twenty or thirty new
aircraft kits a month. That might
take up a corner of the magazine.“
How wrong I was! This
feature now regularly takes
up a whole page, and since we
started it, we have featured
over a thousand new kits!
So there really is no need
to be blue, certainly not if the
investment manufacturers are
putting into our hobby is anything
to go by. I am sure 2018 is going

to be another bumper year, and in
next month’s issue, we will feature
all the new announcements I
can find from Nuremberg.
Will we finally get a new-tool
B-17 or B-24 in 1/48 scale? Will the
rumoured new announcement
from Wingnut Wings be a
Fokker Triplane or Razor?
Who knows, but whatever is
announced I am sure there will
be something for us all with the
WOW factor. So let’s not be blue
and look forward to something
new, old, or borrowed in 2018.

David Francis, Editor

26 Fleet Air Arm Supremo Fulmar
Special Hobby 1/48 Fairey Fulmar
MK.I/MK.II “Over the Mediterranean
and Indian Ocean” by Huw Morgan



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February 2018 • Volume 24 • Issue 2

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