Scale Aviation Modeller International — February 2018

(Jacob Rumans) #1
basic, to say the least. It’s small
(A5), with simple line drawings,
which offer little in the way
of location information for
the smaller components.

In terms of which colour scheme,
well... with the exception of a
single fuselage in Italy, no original
E.V/D.VIII survives today. There
have, however, been a surprising
number of replicas constructed
in the last few decades. Black
and white images also survive
aplenty, but obviously there
are limitations to how much
information they can convey.
Along with the kit, our
stalwart editor supplied me
with a set of decals from Pheon
(32061) for the Fokker, and one
scheme stood out from the rest;
that of Gotthard Saschenberg’s
black and yellow checked
aircraft. This option is supplied
in the kit, but uses masks for the
fuselage diamonds, rather than
the decals supplied by Pheon.
Deeper reading reveals how
speculative these markings are,

with no information whatever
about the colour(s) of the wing.
The one photograph extant of
the aircraft indicates that
Pheon’s interpretation of
two rows of diamonds
is correct, rather than
the three suggested
by Mikro Mir. This
error probably originates
from an incorrect colour
scheme applied to a replica built
in the 1980s. As far as the wing is
concerned, Pheon suggest that it
would have been streaked with
colour pigments – brown and
green on the top with blue and
violet on the underside. The 1980s
replica made do with solid green.
The upshot is that if one
intends to go for Saschenberg’s
colours, then one must accept
that it will contain more than
a hint of “what if’”, though I
would tend to trust Pheon’s
interpretation above any others.

I began work on the fuselage and
cockpit with a thorough survey
of all the parts. The fuselage
halves show some
very subtle ridges
outside, which
correspond with
the frames inside,
and the bottom
panel includes a good
representation of the stitched
seam where the fabric was joined.
Some flash is evident to a


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