Scale Aviation Modeller International — February 2018

(Jacob Rumans) #1
regard by their ground crews.
They were invariably pristine,
indeed immaculate, because of the
extreme care and maintenance
bestowed upon them. As well, such
dedicated suicide attack aircraft
were brand new, virtually straight
off the production line. Therefore,
my example reflects this, with no
wear and weathering to detract
from the immaculate finish.
Here Brengun advance an
overall IJN light grey appearance.
To faithfully replicate this, I found
Tamiya’s AS-2 IJN Light-Grey (spray
can), and XF-12 (jar) to be ideal for
this crucial aspect of my final work.
The decal sheet carries the
minimal markings and tallies.
Some of these were very small,
but magnification and fine
tweezers, along with a steady
hand, saw this area realized, and
everything went down just fine.

Weighing everything up at the end of
my build, I found Brengun’s 1/48 scale
Ohka Model 22 had fully addressed
all of my initial requirements for an
accurate companion to my earlier
Fine Molds Ohka Modell 11.
However, in drawing to a close,
I have to also mention two veteran

examples of this type, one each
from Hawk and Tsukuda Hobby
(which are no longer available), and
one long-established and currently
available contender, Kora Models
Kugisho Ohka Model 22 in1/48 scale
(No.4811). This is a complete and
seemingly comprehensive multi-
media resin presentation, with
etched parts and decals, and a list
price of 49 euros (postage extra).
I have never considered this kit,
despite my interest in the subject,
simply due to its prohibitively
high cost (to me at least).
In fact, the high cost of that kit
led to my eventual commitment to
finally obtaining Brengun’s more
financially viable, and as far as I am
concerned, splendid plastic model.


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  • Japanese Special Attack Aircraft
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  • Kamikaze - Japanese Special
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The restored and well-presented example currently on display in the US National
Air and Space Museum is the ideal comparison to Brengun’s model

Two contemporary images of the tail are interesting in their clear depiction of the jet
exhaust and twin tail assemblage with the rudders and elevator balance weights well
illustrated, all successfully captured by Brengun



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