Scale Aviation Modeller International — February 2018

(Jacob Rumans) #1
that both the Sky Models and
Tauromodel decals responded
well to setting solutions.
General weathering followed,
mainly underneath, as I was
worried about the plain appearance

  • not only were there no underwing
    roundels, but there were no panel
    lines either, and given all that filler
    I doubted my ability to scribe neatly.
    I started with some lightening and
    darkening effects, using light grey
    and black. This was applied mostly
    by airbrush, freehand, but some
    was applied using post-it masks.
    I then loaded my airbrush with
    a medium sand mix to suggest
    some random streaking, and
    also trailing backward from the
    control surface actuators. I then
    airbrushed light grey to suggest
    the effects of heat trailing behind
    the engines (in spite of the reported
    poor quality of Italian aviation fuel,
    there was usually little exhaust
    staining to be seen). I finally used
    a fine-tip brush and dark washes
    for the forward fuselage panel
    lines and engine cowling panels.

Nearly there! The next
consideration was when to rig the
support wires for the tailplanes
and the dorsal and wing/fuselage
antennae, bearing in mind that
if they were fitted too early they

might get compromised. The
tailplane cables were an easy first
choice, and I used smoked stretched
sprue for them. In hindsight, black
would probably have been better
for these. I used transparent sprue
for the antenna wires (which I
added last of all). Interestingly,
photo images show that 193-6
was not fitted with a D/F loop.
I now fitted the engine units,
landing gear doors and wheels, and
the props and spinners. The largest
item was the bomb bay upper
access door, and for this the Falcon
set replaced the kit item. I added
Eduard Part 34 to the inside surface,
as this gives some structural detail,
but you’ll also need to make the
triangular gun closure doors, or
use Italeri Parts 30A and 31A.
I found it necessary to assemble
the door to the model at the same
time as the support prop. Only
very early S.79s located this prop
towards the forward end of the
door, otherwise it should be located
at the rear edge of the door.
Next was the dorsal 12.7 mm
gun. For this, I managed to find
a suitable chute for spent cases
(trailing down into the right side
open hopper), courtesy of some
pilot oxygen hoses from 1/48-scale
Hasegawa US fighter jet kits.
However, the left side of the gun
needs a modification, which is an
enclosed metal chute that sweeps

backwards from the left side of the
gun and connects to the spent cases
chute. Many recent drawings and
models show a thin rectangular
loop on top of the dorsal gun, but
older drawings and photographs
don’t seem to support this.
Eduard provided the aircraft’s
crew entry steps, and I have to say
that this is not easy and benefits
from patient and careful bending.
Finally, four gun sight rings were
all that was left (but not for the
forward-facing fixed gun above
the cockpit), and she was done!

I hope that I have shown what is
possible using this vintage Airfix
kit. In spite of its age, it is basically
sound; with the Falcon canopy and
by cross-kitting with parts from
the Italeri kit, you can produce the
best 1/72 scale S.79 possible.
But before you rush off, next
month I will supply some detail
photographs that will be a big
help to anyone contemplating an
S.79, no matter what the scale.


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