Scale Aviation Modeller International — February 2018

(Jacob Rumans) #1
from the Medium Green, and to
add a little fading I added a spot of
Light Grey to the base colours and

thinned the paint substantially,
to make sure no obvious lighter
spots were present, in order to
create more graduated tones
A coat of Hataka Hobby Gloss
was then airbrushed on, and the
decals were put in place, and I was
very pleased with the quality
here. They followed the
curves and crevices
without a problem.
When the decals
were all in place I added a dark over
the entire surface and wiped this
off once dry. I also added some oil
dots in various places for more

effect, blending these in with a
soft brush. I couldn’t find any
images of armament on a VNAF
F-5B, so I opted to put the two
rocket pods provided in the kit,
under the outboard pylons. The
undercarriage and wheel wells were
painted Silver, and given a dark
wash to give them more depth. A
final coat of Hataka Hobby Flat was
then airbrushed on to finish the
project build. The Hataka Hobby
paints really impressed me and I
will be using more in the future.

For more information on the F-5, then
SAM Publications MDF Scale Down #5
is the ideal choice, and available from
SAM Store

....and blended them with a soft brush

The access ladders
are a colourful extra

A overall wash was applied to bring out the panel details.....

....and once dry this was removed with a soft cloth


Sponsored by Hataka Hobby 1/48

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