Scale Aviation Modeller International — February 2018

(Jacob Rumans) #1
Air Kraft Modelling Guide 1
Fighters and Attack Aircraft of
the Vietnam War
Created with Hataka Hobby

AUTHOR: Andy Evans
YEAR: 2017
PUBLISHER: HobbyZone/Hataka
ISBN: 978-0-9955460-8-0
FOR M AT: 96pp softback


his is the first in a new
series of books from
HobbyZone, which is
sponsored by Hataka Hobby
paints. The book opens with
a short introduction to the
air war over Vietnam, before
moving on to 19 builds of
various aircraft that saw
service during the Vietnam
War. Of the 19 builds, two
feature the North Vietnamese
MiG-17 and MiG-21, one
is an Australian English
Electric Canberra, and the
rest are American. Of the
American aircraft, there are
examples from the US Army,
US Navy, USAF, and USMC.
The builds featured in this
book are excellent, and several
have some interesting hints
and tips. One that I have heard
about, but was unsure how to

do, is applying decals with white
glue. Read the book to find out
how it is done: it is certainly
a method I will be trying!
If you are interested in the
Vietnam War, then this book will
offer you plenty of inspiration
and guide you as to which paint
sets from Hataka you will need
to complete your model.
My thanks to HobbyZone
for supplying this interesting
book for review.

Air Modellers Guide to Wingnut

Wings Vol. 2

ISBN: 978-0-9935646-1-1,
FOR M AT: 112pp Softback

I have not seen Volume One of
this series, which is devoted to
an “on page” blog on building
the fantastic kits produced by
New Zealand-based Wingnut
Wings. The introduction is by Sir
Peter Jackson, the filmmaker of
the “Hobbit” series; from this
success, he was able to set up the
Wingnut Wings and the Vintage
Aviator aircraft businesses.
Each chapter covers a different
kit by a different modeller, with
descriptions and photos of the
build sequence, plus the masterful
approach to painting. These are
absolutely exquisite, especially
the Felixstowe flying boat. Other
subjects covered are the Fokker
EIII Eindecker, Sopwith Snipe,
Rumpler C.IV, F.E.2b, Fokker DVIII,
Sopwith Triplane, and Pfalz D.IIIA.
The photos are large and

beautiful, which allows the
modeller to examine detail
and technique closely. If I were
to attempt one of these kits,
this would be a “must have”
reference. Recommended.
Review copy kindly
supplied by Casemate w w w.
Paul Middleton

Kagero Topdrawings 45

Henschel Hs

A-0, A-1, B-1

AUTHOR: Srecko Bradic
ISBN: 978-83-65437-60-0,
FOR M AT: 20pp Softback


he standard layout
of the Topdrawings
series is followed in
this book with a short-potted
history of the Henschel Hs 126,
which was a high wing, fixed
undercarriage, single-engine
observation type. The type
first saw combat in Spain as
part of the Condor Legion and
continued in use to the end of
the war in Luftwaffe units.
Drawings of the aircraft are
included in both 1/72 and 1/48
scales, with pull-out sheets
in 1/32 scale for the three
variants. The colour centre
section and rear cover give
colour schemes for Condor
Legion, Estonian, Greek, and

Luftwaffe examples, as well
one captured by the Soviets. An
added bonus is a set of masks to
help with building the Matchbox
1/72 kit, although Italeri and
Airfix also released kits of the
Henschel. MPM, Italeri, FM &
ICM also made 1/48 scale kits.
Another excellent
resource for the aircraft
modeller. Recommended.
Review copy kindly supplied
by Casemate, from whom the
book can be ordered w w w.
Paul Middleton

From the Voisin to the Mirage
100 years of French Aeronautic
Presence in Peru

AUTHOR: Amaru Tincopa Gallegos
YEAR: 2016
PUBLISHER: Mushroom Model
Publications (MMP)
ISBN: 978-83-61421-93-1
FOR M AT: 112 pp softback


his volume, one of the MMP
White series, tells the story
of the French influence
on Peruvian military aviation.
Of course, Peru has long used
aircraft built by other nations;
your reviewer remembers seeing,
in the early 1970s, a line-up of
desert-camouflaged Canberra’s
ready for delivery at a UK airfield.
But such aircraft are outside the
scope of this book, as is the story
of Peru’s air arm, as it focuses
solely on the French aircraft used.
French aircraft have figured
significantly in Peru’s military
aviation over the years, and the
reader is taken through what
is a very interesting selection.
Chapters cover the early years
and the arrival of the first French
aircraft; the inter war years; the
order of Mirage 5Ps in the 1960s;
the subsequent purchase of Mirage
2000s in the 1980s; and assorted

support types in the shape of
Alouette helicopters and Dassault
Falcons. Finally, there is a summary
of technical characteristics
for all the types covered.
The text is eminently readable
and illustrated by a good number of
period photographs. Whether you
are interested in South American
aviation, French aircraft, or you
simply want a different colour
scheme for that kit in the loft, this
book deserves a place on your shelf.
Thanks to Mushroom Model
Publications for the review copy.



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