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ustralia has joined Germany
in grounding its fleet of Air-
bus Helicopters Tiger attack
rotor craft in the wake of a fatal
crash in Mali in which two crew
members were killed.
Investigations are ongoing into
the late July accident involving a
German army-operated example,
which came down in unex-
plained circumstances about
44nm (82km) northeast of Gao.
Berlin immediately withdrew
its Tigers from service, although
four aircraft remaining in Mali –
deployed as part of a multi-
national fight against an Islamic
insurgency – can perform mis-
sions in emergency situations, its
defence ministry says.
On 14 August Australia said it

would cease flying its Tiger
armed reconnaissance helicop-
ters “until further information be-
comes available”.
Spain is also thought to have
suspended flights involving its
Tiger inventory. Its defence min-
istry says: “The army will follow
the technical recommendations
of the manufacturer once it con-
ducts the necessary investiga-
tions and checks to find out what
could have caused the accident.”
France continues to fly its Ti-
gers in Mali, but most domestic
training was already on hold be-
cause of the summer holidays.
So far, little detail has been re-
leased about the circumstances of
the crash, but statements from the
German defence ministry indi-

cate that the Tiger lost its main
rotor blades after entering into a
sudden steep descent. It hit the
ground about 10s later, and the
wreckage was consumed by a
post-impact fire.
Crash investigators have recov-
ered the helicopter’s flight-data
recorders, but both are heavily
damaged and may be unable to
be accessed.
With Airbus Helicopters not
directly participating in the acci-
dent probe, it was required, as
part of its contract with the na-
tions, to issue a notice advising

that the Tiger is unsafe, without
being able to offer any related
guidance. This was released
shortly after the crash and updat-
ed on 10 August.
“Airbus Helicopters declares
[an] UNSAFE condition for all
Tiger versions. AH can neither
identify the part, the failure of
which would lead to the acci-
dent, nor the origin of the failure
(design, manufacturing, mainte-
nance). Consequently, AH is not
in the position to propose a pro-
tective measure,” the warning
notice says. ■


ulgaria’s government has
postponed taking a final deci-
sion on the selection of a new-
generation fighter until later this
year, while the nation also con-
siders significant investments in
the maintenance of its RAC MiG-
29 and Sukhoi Su-25 fleets.
In late June, Bulgaria’s newly
elected parliament decided to es-
tablish an investigation board to
review all aspects of the fighter
tender. This followed the an-
nouncement by a temporary gov-
ernment in late April that the
Saab Gripen C/D was the pre-
ferred candidate in the country’s
new combat aircraft competition.
The Swedish bid, using new-
build aircraft, was ranked ahead
of proposals with Tranche
1-standard Eurofighter Typhoons

from Italy, and used Lockheed
Martin F-16s promoted by the
USA and Portugal. The com-
bined US/Portuguese offer was
disqualified, reportedly after fail-

ing to meet several key require-
ments, including a deferred pay-
ment scheme.
Sofia had requested informa-
tion on an eight-aircraft deal to be

completed under a government-
to-government agreement, with
deliveries to occur by 2020. The
deal has an allocated budget of
€767 million ($900 million). The
plan calls for another eight of the
same type to be purchased be-
tween 2022 and 2023.
Meanwhile, defence minister
Krasimir Karakachanov has
called for the air force’s current
fighters and strike aircraft to re-
ceive funding to maintain their
airworthiness. The service has 15
MiG-29s and 14 Su-25s, but he
says that in early August only
eight and four, respectively, were
in a serviceable condition.
Karakachanov says he has held
talks with representatives of RAC
MiG about the options for main-
taining the MiG-29 fleet. ■

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