AeroModeller – June 2018

(C. Jardin) #1

Invaders, Senators and Gipsys...

to understand what Keil Kraft means
historically and what it takes to make a
success of traditional fl ying model kits in
Overseeing the development of
the Keil Kraft brand is Alan Wood the
Marketing and Graphic Design Manager.
Alan is ensuring the heritage of Keil

Kraft is still there, but also that the
kits are fi t for purpose and suitable for
beginners and returnees, not just active
modellers. There is no company archive
of Keil Kraft designs so Alan started off
acquiring original examples of the kits
they were considering and then ‘reverse
engineering’ back from there. Amongst

the discoveries made was that the
halcyon days of our youth may not have
been so good; the designs were usually
excellent, but the quality of the wood in
the original kits could be poor (oak like
balsa!) and the die-printed parts and plan
did not always agree.

Ripmax has a long history of distributing model kits and accessories, and are ensuring a
quality Keil Kraft product is made available.

Ripmax estimate that around one million Ajax kits have been produced since
its launch in 1946.

The 32” span Senator designed by Albert Hatfull is even today a popular
choice for small fi eld duration fl ying and vintage competitions.

Alan Wood is ensuring the heritage of Keil Kraft is
brought in to the 21st Century.

Early colour cover Keil Kraft Handbooks. How about this for your offi ce wall?

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