AeroModeller – June 2018

(C. Jardin) #1

of the T.J.D. Display Team; he is currently
building a 102” Hellcat. When at work
Nigel will normally be found developing
Ripmax’s ARTFs for manufacture in
China, so these traditional balsa kits took
a diff erent type of concentration from his
normal role. Nigel told me he got a big
buzz from producing the models and has
found his stick and tissue building skills
have returned. Not only did he enjoy it

but many of his RC fl ying pals wanted
a go at the fl ying fi eld and are looking
forward to the release of these kits.
I’ve been impressed by the work
Ripmax are doing to produce these new
kits. They are not just a rehash of the
original with all their faults, but a quality
product with ready laser-cut parts, whilst
still holding true to the original spirit.
They are certainly many times better than

some of the Chinese produced glider
kits I saw a few years ago which had
production problems including dihedral
braces with a break in the middle! The
kit releases have taken longer than
expected due to the diligence of the
preparation, but as we go to press the
kits are expected to be available at the
end of May. ■

The evocative style
of the naming of the
designs has been
retained. The Ace is
a 30” span rubber
duration model.

The 40” span Gipsy by Bill Dean is the largest of the Keil Kraft rubber powered designs. It is Free Flight but could be adapted to micro RC control for small
fi eld fl ying whether rubber powered or electric.

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