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s an aeromodeller I had a charmed childhood. My
father David Boddington was making his living
from aeromodelling (and briefl y from running full-
size airdisplays as the Barnstormers), for most of
my life. Thus, I grew up surrounded by everything
I needed to build and fl y model aircraft; not for me barely
tolerant parents, as dad was actively encouraging and mum
made sure I fi tted in school work around my modelling.
I guess I didn’t have a chance to have anyother hobby with
a father like DB, but I didn’t mind as aeromodelling stimulated
so may diff erent areas of my imagination (at least until later
It was while putting together this month’s free plan feature
on the Fokker D.VIII that I realised things had come full circle.
Dad designed over 500 models in his lifetime, and while I lived
at home in the 70’s and early 80’s I built many of these test
models for him which were then published. It is my building
and fi nishing you can see in the photos accompanying those

articles, as dad was often too busy to build the models himself.
With the Fokker D.VIII in this issue I get to publish an article
based on the model he built from Ron Moulton’s plan in 2005,
thus reciprocating the previous way we worked.
Without all the knowledge and experience from my father
I would not be sitting in the editor’s chair now. One other
interesting thread leading to DB in this issue is shown in the
accompanying photo. DB is shown holding the .60 powered
RC Albatros CIII he designed in 1976 for fi lming of the TV series
Wings. This was built by John Watters who was then inspired
to design a smaller FF version which appeared as a free plan in
the old AeroModeller. When you read Bill Dennis’ Scale Matters
column you will see that Dave Putterill has taken John Watters’
design and shrunk that for a new smaller design CIII. I know
dad would approve of an updated version at a diff erent scale!

Regards, Andrew Boddington

Full Circle








After 36 years running the Oxford MFC FF Rally for duration, Andrew
Crisp has stepped down to take a well-earned rest. However, all is not
lost as the event has combined with the “Dreaming Spires” FF Rally
run by Laurence Marks to feature FF scale as well as a varied spread of
duration events.
The date is 1st July 2018 at Port Meadow, Wolvercote, Oxford. For
more information email

Your editor prepares the test model he built of the DB designed Mini-Eros
(based on the large Coasby original). I still have the tattered tissue original
that needs recovering.

David Boddington holding the Albatross CIII used for the fi lming of the BBC
TV series Wings.

As announced last month Sunday 3rd June is the date for the
Seventh Single Channel & Retro RC Fly-in at Pontefract Park,
with hosts PANDAS website The open
fun-fl ying day on the day before (Saturday 2nd June) is for
electric models only, where as the Sunday Retro event is IC
and electric.

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