Aeroplane Aviation Archive — Issue 33 The World’s Fastest Aircraft

(Jacob Rumans) #1

Above: Captured Me 262s were extensively
studied by the Allies, aiding development of early
post war US and Soviet jet fighters. The F-86
Sabre used an airfoil and slat design similar to
that of the Me 262.
Left: Allied pilots soon learnt that the only time
the Me 262 was vulnerable, was when it was on
final approach for landing.
Right: The Junkers Jumo 004 was the world’s first
turbojet engine to see operational use. Some
8,000 of these powerplants were produced and
they powered the experimental Horten Ho 229,
the Arado Ar 234 recon-bomber and the Me 262.
The first prototype engines, which showed great
promise, had been built without restrictions
on scarce materials such as nickel, cobalt and
molybdenum. However, wartime necessities
would only allow low-grade metals. As a
consequence, its lifetime expectancy was poor.

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