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Hermes 450 and 900
unmanned aerial vehicles
(UAVs) operated by the
Fuerza Aérea Colombiana
(FAC, Colombian Air
Force) were seen recently
at their Apiay base.
The FAC announced the
acquisition of two Hermes
450 (six air vehicles) and

a single Hermes 900
systems (two air vehicles)
in 2012 in a deal reportedly
valued at around $50m.
They are operated by the
Escuadrón de Combate 217
‘Quimera’, part of Grupo
de Combate 21, under
the Comando Aéreo de
Combate No 2 (CACOM 2).
Although based at Apiay

in central Colombia, the
systems can operate with
minimal infrastructure
and support and can be
deployed across the country.
A team of eight operates
each system, including
two ground pilots and
maintenance technicians.
The Colombians use
the UAVs for surveillance

missions as well as close
air support, and the
Hermes 450 can carry
external weapons and
electronic warfare systems.
‘Homeland’ missions
are meanwhile carried
out to locate leaders of
criminal gangs and illegal
armed groups. Erich
Saumeth Cadavid

Colombian drones on show

Above: Serial FAC 6155, one of six Hermes 450 air vehicles in Colombian service. Erich Saumeth Cadavid
Below: Serial FAC 6101, one of two Hermes 900s on strength; the other is FAC 6102. Erich Saumeth Cadavid

New aircraft
for Jamaica
National Security (MNS)
announced on January
10 that the Jamaica
Defence Force (JDF) is
to purchase additional
equipment, including
six helicopters and four
fixed-wing aircraft.
The helicopters are
three new Bell 429s for
passenger, troop transport
and medical evacuation;
one new Bell 412EPI for
heavy cargo and troop
transport; and two second-
hand Bell 206B3s for
training. The JetRangers,
plus four Diamond
DA40CS trainers, have
already been purchased.
The new aircraft are part
of a major re-equipment
programme for the security
forces. The deal for the
helicopters will be valued
at $47.4m, including a five-
year spares and support
package, five-year engine
servicing, ground support
equipment and tools. The
DA40s cost $1.58m.
Meanwhile National
Security Minister
Robert Montague says
a surveillance aircraft

  • possibly a DA42 –
    purchased for $16.9m,
    is now being fitted with
    an equipment suite and
    will be commissioned
    into service later this
    year. Dave Allport


takes on


Navy An-
have recently been acquired
from the Russian Navy
by the Fuerza Aérea del
Ejército de Nicaragua (FAEN,
Nicaraguan Army Air Force).
The aircraft – FA-EN
(c/n 5904, ex RF-46898/‘
Blue’) and FA-EN162 (c/n
6509, ex RF-46855) – are
being operated by the
Escadrón de Transport,
based at Managua
International Airport.
The first was first seen
at Managua on November
6 last year still wearing
its Russian serial but had
gained its FAEN serial two
days later. The second
arrived in Managua on
December 8. Dave Allport

Argentine 707 heads for scrap

Alexis Blanco
Argentina (FAA, Argentine
Air Force) has begun
to dismantle four of the
five Boeing 707s that

remain with the I Brigada
Aérea (1st Air Brigade)
at El Palomar in Buenos
Aires province. The
aircraft last flew more

than ten years ago.
The first to be scrapped
is 707-387B governmental
transport serial T-
(c/n 19241/555, formerly

LV-ISD of Aerolíneas
Argentinas), which served
with the FAA from January
1983 until June 2004.
Juan Carlos Cicalesi

Dominican Air Force

acquires Cessna 404
A CESSNA 404 has
recently entered Fuerza
Aérea de República
Dominicana (FARD,
Dominican Republic
Air Force) service. The
aircraft, serial number
1549, was first noted in
service in December,

operated by the Escadrón
de Transporte Aéreo at
Base Aérea San Isidro.
The origin of the second-
hand Cessna is unknown,
but it is rumoured to be
an impounded aircraft
requisitioned by the
FARD. Dave Allport

New Honduran Air

Force Cessna 208B
208B Grand Caravan has
entered Fuerza Aérea
Hondureña (FAH, Honduran
Air Force) service. First
noted last November,
the aircraft, serial
number 025, is in an air
ambulance configuration.

The FAH acquired two
Grand Caravan EXs in
August and December

  1. At the time it was
    said the order covered
    three aircraft, but until now
    there had been no reports
    of the third having been
    delivered. Dave Allport

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