Airforces - Typhoon school

(Jacob Rumans) #1 #361 APRIL 2018 // 5

34 INTEL REPORT: Singapore
shapes up for the future
Well trained, and operating some of the
most sophisticated systems available,
the Republic of Singapore Air Force is an
extremely capable air arm. Alan Warnes
visited the Singapore Airshow to assess an
air force punching well above its weight.

40 FLASHPOINT: Niger’s
desert warriors
Niger’s armed forces are relatively modest
in strength, numbering only around 15,
personnel. Its air force is proportionately small
but has added a handful of capable assets in
recent years, as Arnaud Delalande explains.

Supremacy in the South Pacific
The Chilean Navy complements its surface and
submarine fleet with one of the most powerful
naval aviation arms in South America. Cees-
Jan van der Ende and Cristobal Soto Pino
visited its aviators, who operate over one of
the most extensive coastlines in the world.

74 SURVEY: European
maritime patrol aircraft Part 4
AFM’s correspondents continue their round-
up of the maritime patrol aircraft fleets
of Europe’s NATO and Partnership for
Peace members. This month, the focus
turns to Poland, Portugal and Spain.

BRIEFING: Fuelling the fight
It is almost impossible now to imagine modern air
operations without the support of airborne tankers
providing vital fuel to almost every type of military

90 Attrition
Dave Allport details the world’s most recent
military accidents.

93 Book reviews
AFM evaluates some of the latest offerings in
aviation literature.

98 Coming up
See what’s featuring in your AFM next month.

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The author would like to correct the byline for the article on the
Belgian Air Component’s F-16 demonstration team in the February
issue (Pushing the limits, p40-45). The text and photos were made
by Jeroen van Veenendaal and not Roelof-Jan Gort, as stated.
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