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(Barré) #1
detail. Since I discourage people
from picking up my kits, I went
with what was provided.
Stage 4 fits the nose bay and
then adds the main gear bays,
which are quite nice three-part
assemblies. I’m pretty sure the
instructions have got some of the
part numbers mixed up, but they
only really fit one way, so with a
dry run they went together OK.
There’s a colour callout for

these areas to be painted medium
sea grey, even with a (BS) 637
reference. That seemed odd to
me, but again pictures seem to
bear it out, so I went with it. Later
the instructions would have you
paint the undercarriage legs
the same colour, but it is clearly
lighter. I used light aircraft grey.
Stage 5 is building the
exhausts, and while they look
quite nice I question some of

the breakdown of parts and the
way parts have to be sandwiched
between others, complicating
painting. The exhausts have
reasonable depth, nice turbine
detail. and a well moulded
afterburner ring. However....
What we come to is probably
the biggest problem with this kit. If
the real aircraft can be considered
to have a defining feature it would
be that at rest, the thrust vectoring

nozzles droop and point inwards.
Always! The only time the exhaust
nozzles show as provided in the kit
is when the engines are running
(and remember there’s no pilot
figure provided), so this is going to
require some serious and (I suspect)
difficult modifications, or some
aftermarket resin. If you build it
as-is, it’s wrong, and that’s a real
shame. So, I decided to leave this
section for now, in the expectation


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