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(Barré) #1
bomber in the Atlantic and Arctic
and as a medium bomber and
transport aircraft on the Western,
Eastern, Mediterranean, Middle
Eastern, and North African fronts.
In 1944, Germany had developed
the V-1 flying bomb, early versions
of which were launched from
aircraft rather than from ground
(ski-jump) launchers, as they
were later in the war. The aircraft
chosen to carry out this task was
the He 111H. These had to carry
the V-1s at extremely low level to
avoid detection by British radar,
climbing sharply to about 1,500ft

(450m) as they approached the
coast before releasing the V-1. A
number of variations, including
the He 111H-6, H-16, H-21 and H-22,
were modified to carry the V-1s.
After modification, all these aircraft
became known as the He 111H-22.
The use of the He 111H-22 and
the V-1 flying bomb was such a
success that over 100 aircraft
were modified to He 111H-
standards and delivered to KG
for the sole purpose of launching
the V-1 at British targets.
German-built He 111s
remained in service in Spain

after the end of the Second
World War, being supplemented
by Spanish licence-built CASA
2.111s from 1950. The last two
German-built aircraft remained
in service until at least 1958.

As with all ICM offerings, the
Heinkel comes supremely well
packaged in a stout box with a
separate lid and looks glorious
upon opening said box. It comprises
seven well-moulded sprues in
grey and one in clear for the nose

glazing and various windows.
The clear parts look absolutely
fantastic, while the grey ones
seem to have a slightly grainy
finish to the external surfaces.
It’s beautifully presented
with lovely clear instructions
in English and what I take to be
Ukranian. Inspection of the parts
on the sprues reinforces these
good impressions; panel lines
are consistent and subtle, with
rivets appearing where they are
supposed to. Parts are almost
totally free of flash and most of
the inevitable ejector pin marks



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