Marie Claire Australia - 01.05.2018

(Ben Green) #1





My daily skincare routine is super
simple. I’m into natural beauty and
glowing skin. I always make sure
I cleanse, tone and moisturise to keep
my skin more luminous and hydrated.
If I could only have five make-up
products in my make-up bag, I would
have La Prairie Cellular Radiance
Perfecting Fluide Pure Gold, a blush,
Chanel’s La Fascinante lipstick,
a Marc Jacobs Gel Eye Crayon and
some Vaseline for gloss on my lids.
My number one beauty tip is to make
friends with the lighting guy as soon
as you can! I also ensure I drink lots
of water and keep active.
I love having facials. When I’m in NY I go
to [celebrity facialist] Joanna Vargas, who
uses a special technique to stimulate your
collagen. I also take Lumity supplements
[not available in Australia] every morning
and night. Nourishing your body on the
inside will always show on the outside.

I love really natural and authentic
scents. [Recently] I have been wearing
Dead of Night, which is a perfume oil I
collaborated on with my friend Elizabeth
Gaynes. It’s diferent from anything I
have ever smelt before!
For red carpet events, I have a really
great team of friends and talented
people in my life to scrub me up.
My long-haul travel beauty tip is
moisturise your skin on the plane and
always drinks lots of water to keep
your skin and body hydrated.
When it comes to my hair, I use [celebrity
hairstylist] Harry Josh for my colour
when I’m in NY. He always gives my hair
such an amazing honey tone. In Denmark,
I’ll visit my niece Sarah-Sofie Sonne and
Marianne Jensen for a haircut. They both
do the perfect imperfect choppy style.
When I want to detox, facials and
body massages are a great way for
me to unwind.

The legendary model shares her favourite New York
and Denmark beauty haunts, her love of good
lighting and the importance of inner beauty

Facial Oil,

La Mer Crème De
La Mer Moisturizing
Cream, $242.

La Prairie
Cellular Radiance
Perfecting Fluide
Pure Gold, $685.

Chanel Rouge Allure
Velvet Luminous
Matte Lip Colour in
La Fascinante, $53.

Marc Jacobs
Highliner Gel
Eye Crayon
Eyeliner in
Blacquer, $36.

Nars Blush in
Orgasm, $44.


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