Real Living Australia - February 2018

(Brent) #1

If I’m home alone I like to
clean the house from top
to bottom, then sit back
and admire the tidiness.
Organising calms me.

Vedic meditation twice a
day – total game-changer!

I like to skip out to
the garden for a few
minutes each night
and water the
plants with a glass
of wine in hand.

I love going for bush
walks. I grew up next to
bushland and enjoyed going
for walks along the trails after
school with my dog Tommy.

I like to run a really hot
bath (think Onsen level!)
complete with candles, face
mask and a too-long playlist.

A dreamy savasana after
a peaceful yin session
at yoga. Namaste!

I listen to Italian
pianist Ludovico
Einaudi on my morning
commute, and a Barre
class really calms me.

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I love the time when everyone’s
gone to bed and I can turn
all the lights out and burn
candles while I catch up on
my telly. It’s my “me” time.

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Alone time. It
doesn’t matter what
I’m doing, as long
as I have space to
think without any

I love to sit at my desk and get
lost in my world of art...
Just me, a blank sheet
of paper and my felt tip pen.









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