Songwriting UK — Winter 2017

(Axel Boer) #1


It’s not often that reality TV

competitions produce noteworthy

artists but sometimes there are

exceptions. Lina is one of these.

Growing up in Acre, Israel, Lina

developed a passion for music

from an early age.“When I was

four years old at Kindergarten we

had music class once a week,” says

Lina. “On the second week the

teacher told my parents ‘she has an

amazing musical ear and I want to

develop that.’ I started to go weekly

to the conservatory in my town

and get two hours of theory and

tried to play several instruments.”

With strong pop influences it was

only a matter of time before she

started penning her own songs, her

first was written at the tender age
of six, when she was challenged to
write a song for a telenovela.
After dreaming of performing for
a living, Lina gave up her place at
university when she was nineteen
in order to audition for the Israel
version of The Voice. The risk paid
off. Her first performance hit a
quarter of a million YouTube views
within three days and she went on
to win the competition.
It’s not just the public that have
been charmed by her infectious
creations. She can now boast the
likes of Alisha Keys and Will Smith
among her followers.
Having recently supported
Queen, a certain guitarist might
also be classed as a fan. “It was one
of the most beautiful experiences
that I’ve ever had,” she says.
“Realising after the last song was

finished that Brian May was on
stage filming me, it was like, I was
Finally, Lina’s advice to aspiring
performers is “dream big because
its free!” Based on her success and
what will no doubt be coming her
way in future it seems like a great
motto to live by.


“It was one of the most
beautiful experiences that
I’ve ever had.”

Name: Leena Courtney Makhoul
Age: 24
Location: United States/ Israel
Style: Pop/Dance
Look out for: I Wore it Better, single
out now

Winning Israel’s version of The Voice is just the start for this talented pop star


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