Songwriting UK — Winter 2017

(Axel Boer) #1

BEST OF 2017

If you’ve been following
the UK and US song-
writing charts this year
then the winner of this
category will come as
no surprise. ‘Ubiquitous’
doesn’t do Sheeran’s
dominance justice.
Whether with songs from
his album Divide, includ-
ing the smash Shape Of
Yo u, or tracks written for
artists like Liam Payne,
Rita Ora and DJ Snake,
Sheeran has continued
to create music for the
masses on an unparal-
leled scale. During his
stripped-back Glaston-
bury-closing set he was
brave enough to let his
compositions do the
talking and there are very
few others who could
have pulled it off quite so
successfully. Hats off to
you Ed, the year is yours.





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