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Epiphone resurrects a rare guitar with a Ltd. Ed. Joe
Bonamassa 1958 “Amos” Korina Flying-V Outfit


limited edition Joe Bonamassa 1958
“Amos” Korina Flying-V Outfit,
the American blues guitarist’s fifth custom
Epiphone signature model. honoring one of
Bonamassa’s most cherished vintage guitars,
the rare “Amos” Flying V, one of the first of
only 91 Flying Vs produced in 1958..
“You guys at Epiphone nailed it,” said
Bonamassa. “From the moment I opened the
case at my house, all I had to do was look at it
and I said: “Ok, we’re good!” It sounds great.
They sound better than the originals!”
Joe Bonamassa is not only one of the
greatest guitarists of his generation, but
is also recognized as one of the most
knowledgeable collectors of vintage guitars.
The new Ltd. Ed. 1958 “Amos” Korina
Flying-V Outfit is based on Bonamassa’s
priceless original Flying-V first purchased by
Arthur Amos’s music store in Indianapolis,
Indiana in 1958. Bonamassa worked closely
with Epiphone’s luthiers in Nashville to
ensure that every detail of the original was
reproduced accurately. The Ltd. Ed. Joe
Bonamassa 1958 “Amos” Korina Flying-V
Outfit features ProBuckerTM pickups,
CTSTM electronics, a LockTone ABR-
1 Tune-o-matic bridge, and a 50s style
Flying-V case along with a hand-signed
certificate of authenticity.
“For years I had a photo of Arthur with
this very Flying V as my screen saver,” said
Bonamassa. “We’ve determined it’s probably
one of the first 10 ever made. The ledger

stops at the mid 50s and my
guitar shipped in May 1958.
And it’s hand written in the
ledger--Arthur’s Music. It was
very emotional to find it. To
me, this brings the history
full circle and it’s a once in
a lifetime opportunity. You
did it Epiphone! The new
“Amos” is killer!”
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will be introducing the ROY acoustic combo
at the upcoming NAMM Show in January.
The 400-watt, 7-channel amp has the same
Class-A preamps found in other Schertler
amplifiers, and has been designed for soloists
and/or small groups, for use both on stage
and in the studio.
Equipped with a one-inch tweeter and
two eight-inch woofers, ROY offers four

input channels with various microphone/
instrument combinations, inserts, three-band
equaliser and phantom power; an additional
unbalanced instrument input channel; a
stereo input channel for playback devices
and an FX return that can be used as an
additional input channel.
Its Master section includes a digital reverb
and a new digital Multi-Effect (on a separate
bus), as well as DI/Line/Aux Outs and a
headphone preamp.The amp will be available
with a wood or anthracite finish.
Find out more at

ProBuckerTM pickups
and CTSTM electronics



CREATORS OF THE Session Strings and
Session Horns series, e-instruments, has
introduced Session Keys Upright.
The piano virtual instrument utilises two
sample sets – ‘open’ for film scores and games;
‘closed’ for modern musicians – and three
sound shaping options: The Animator with
over 400 MIDI phrases, licks and riffs; The
Smart Chord for instant key-sympathetic
chords; and The Pentamorph, which provides
new textural possibilities via one control
ranging from acoustic noises and pads to
reverse samples. The software has a total size
of 40GB/20GB (lossless sample compression)
and requires the free Native Instruments
Kontakt Player.
Session Keys Upright is available now from
the e-instruments online store for € 99/$99,
with a special upgrade price for existing
Session Keys owners of €69/$69.
Additional information can be found at
Free download pdf