Empire Australia - 08.2019

(Brent) #1


Gad returns
to voice
Olaf in this
sequel to the

This new
from the
sees Gad
a family of

In this sci-fi
adaptation of
the YA novel,
Gad plays
a dwarf
thief with

What was your role in your first-ever
school play?
My first big play that I can remember was
sophomore year of high school. I played Tevye
inFiddler On The Roof. Let me tell you, there is
nobody more capable of understanding a father
of six, in mid-life crisis, dealing with pogroms,
than a 15-year-old. I was quite ahead of my time.

Have you ever written fan mail to anyone?
I wrote a fan letter to Robin Williams, and to Billy
Crystal, who would end up my co-star many years
later. I heard back from Robin Williams’ assistant;
never heard back from Billy. I should give him shit
for it, actually. The really funny story about fan
mail is my grandfather. He was in the Holocaust
and he did an interview for [Steven Spielberg’s]
Shoah Foundation. When I was getting started, he
decided to write a letter to Steven Spielberg telling
him why his grandson should be given work in one
of his movies. He began the letter, “Dear Stevie”.
It was very direct — I did this for you, so now you
need to make my grandson the star of one of your
movies. That has not happened! But I really
respect my grandfather for calling one of the great
directors “Stevie”.

Who is the most famous person that you could text
right now?
My favourite number is Judi Dench. She is saved
as “Judi Dench” and then, in parentheses,
“Dame”. She embroidered me a pillow. It says:
“Josh ‘You’re Standing Too Close’ Gad”.

What’s the best thing you’ve ever stolen from
a movie set?
I tried to steal my wig fromBeauty And The
Beastjust because I was in love with that thing
and just wanted to walk around town with it.
But they said that that was a non-starter.

How much is a carton of milk?
I don’t drink milk. I want to say around $4. How
far off am I? [Empiretells him it’s about $1.20]
You don’t shop at Whole Foods, do you?

What’s the strangest place you’ve ever thrown up?
Oh God, a couple of months back I went out
and drank far too many vodka sodas. I got
home and threw up on my lawn. The next
morning I downed one of those breakfast
sandwiches from Starbucks in my car, driving
to a meeting that I called on the Disney lot.
Somebody honked at me. I shit you not:
I looked over, they recognised me, I immediately
got sick. I threw up into the Starbucks bag.
The bag exploded all over me and my steering
wheel. At which point I had to go through
security on the Disney lot trying desperately
to cover myself up.

When did you last clean your bathroom?
Actually, yesterday. I’m shooting a series right
now in London and staying at a hotel. I was in
my tub... all of a sudden, my entire ceiling
started pouring water. I got out of the tub... and
started throwing towels on the floor desperately
trying to make sure that my room didn’t become
the third act of Noah. I cleaned it up and then
realised, “Oh, there are people who would help
me in this place called a hotel.”

On a scale of one to 10, how hairy is
your arse?
I would say a two. I’ve been complimented on
the fact that I do not have a hairy ass. My little
brother’s got the hairiest backside I’ve ever
seen, to the point that I’m wondering if my
parents adopted a gorilla and taught it English.
But I was given a very lovely, albeit pale, ass.

What’s the one thing that you do better than
anyone else you know?
I do a mean click with my tongue. [Demonstrates
an impressively sharp snap] I haven’t met many
people who can do that.

Have you ever knowingly broken the law?
The worst thing I ever did was I stole a bunch of
Star Warsfigures from my best friend’s brother.
Then my mom gave them away. To this day, every
time I see him, I feel such enormous guilt. I’m
like, “I still owe you a lot of money for those
Star Wars toys.”HELEN O’HARA





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