4WD Touring Australia – June 2018

(Ben Green) #1

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or those who’ve been living in a cave in recent years, Dan Proud has made a
name for himself as perhaps the nest landscape photographer in the country.
It seems like a difcult rep to acquire, especially these days when everyone’s
packing a foolproof autofocus and fancying themself as some sort of tortured
instagram artist.
However, if anything, the high tide of cookie-cutter new photography that swamps
our inbox, just makes us realise how brilliant the truly brilliant photographers really are.
When everyone takes pictures of the same offroad subjects, same angles, same
light, same seasons, it takes a don like Dan to step back and document fresh angles
of our offroad world.
Take this spread, where, to coincide with our High Country edition, he thought he’d
document something a little different...
Something from the shoulder season. Something based in the often overlooked
Bogong High Plains. Something that captures that nal are of colour before
everything turns into the icy monochromatic world of winter.
This is Dan Proud’s autumn in Omeo.

Dan Proud’s autumn in the High Plains.
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