4WD Touring Australia – June 2018

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The High Country is perhaps the most
varied region open for travel in the
whole country. The weather and con-
ditions are also notoriously fickle, and
travellers must be prepared for all even-
tualities in order to enjoy a safe time in
the mountains.
There’s a veritable treasure trove of
hard copy maps and atlases available to
the intrepid traveller over at Hema Maps.
Head over to http://www.hemamaps.com and
equip yourself with the requisite car-
tographical resources.
Although part of the region’s appeal
is the proximity of historical townships
and bastions of civilisation, it’s still ab-

solutely necessary to go in prepared.
You need to know your route in advance,
where you can get fuel, water and sup-
plies, then carry extra just in case.
You’ll want to top up fuel whenever
available and carry at least one 20L jer-
ry can of fuel at all times if you’re not
equipped with a long range tank. Carry
back up drinking water, at least one
spare tyre, tyre repair kit, spare parts
and tools. You might not need any of this
gear on your first trip, or even your 20th,
but when the time comes, it just might
save your life.
Parks Victoria website http://www.parkweb.
vic.gov.au and Tourism Victoria’s site
http://www.visitvictoria.com are both great re-
sources when planning a trip.
Free download pdf