4WD Touring Australia – June 2018

(Ben Green) #1
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Adam Adler runs the online aftermarket store http://www.nutsabout4WD.com.au.
As well as his mechanical workshop http://www.admmotors.com.au.
Got a question for Adam? Email him at: [email protected]


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  1. B1 with his newly modified 200 Series and the brass tyre deflators.

  2. The brass deflators, doing their thing. It’s as easy as screwing them on and waiting until they stop.

  3. We checked the pressures that the tyres were let down to. Brett hadn’t set them to any particular pressure yet and they dropped
    down to 23 PSI, a good all-round pressure to start off with.

  4. The brass deflators come as a four-pack, in a nice little pouch.

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