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Forever grateful for the fans who supported
him from his YouTube days, Troye never
forgets to acknowledge their unwavering
support. “I’m so lucky to have the community
that I do and would not be where I am
without them,” he told MTV. For him, social
is a way of connecting. “It’s just hilarious.
It’s a conversation, it feels like we’re in this
huge group chat.”

Troye makes
no secret of
his love for
his adorable
fam, which
includes his mum Laurelle, his dad Shaun and siblings
Steele, Tyde and Sage (pictured, right). “I really couldn’t be here without my
family!” he told The Global Townhall. “We’re all so close, and they have supported
me every step of the way. We’re a family of six... I’m sure it hasn’t been easy at
times for my mum or dad to leave each other and the other kids when they needed
to travel with me and so I thank them so much for that sacrifice,” he gushes. Cute!

We get serious
friend envy
whenever we see
the Team Internet
crew having
a blast together, with Troye counting
fellow YouTube megastars Zoe Sugg, Connor Franta, Tyler Oakley and Joey Graceffa as
some of his closest pals. But he still spends time with his childhood friends. “When I’m
with my friends... it’s not about hanging out and posting
a selfie to Snapchat or Instagram,” he told Rookie. “It’s
about just hanging out, full-stop... I definitely value
that kind of stuff to bring me down to earth again.”



They swear they’re just friends but we ship both of
these potential love matches. Which side are you on?


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