Girlfriend Australia - April 2016__

(Brent) #1

14 Denim dreamOur guide to
the best styles, washes and
prices starts here.

18 Troye Sivan One of our fave
YouTubers has taken the world
by storm.

36 Social queen Step-by-step
instructions on how to boost
your followers from an
Insta-famous expert.

This stamp is used throughout our magazine. It’s there to clue you in on if an image has – or hasn’t – been
retouched, if readers (just like you!) have been used in our shoot, or to explain just how much effort (and
how many people) go into creating the shot that makes it in the mag. We hope these help YOU with your
self-esteem goals and make you aware that there’s more to these images than meets the eye.

what this stamp actually means...

On the cover

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122 Before we go Read
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Moriarty’s book A Corner
of White.





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