Girlfriend Australia - April 2016__

(Brent) #1
The photo of these
crazy cats has not
been retouched.

ll we do on Snapchat
rn is win, win, win
no matter what –
a.k.a. watch our
onal advice 24/7. Because we
ally now Snapchat besties
es?) with the great man, we
confidently say this is an issue of
he would be very proud of.
freaky mind stuff that will
help you get there.And while
necessarily something we are sure
we’ve mastered juuuust yet (RIP
multiple white tops we’ve spilled
food on), there are *definitely*
some people who have and we
have *definitely* talked to them.
But therearelittle pockets of life
we have sorted. Behold, a collective
guide of the entire GF team’s wisdom:
HACK #1:When applying
mascara, sweep the wand
of the mascara inwards
towards your nose, instead
of outwards.This means your
eyelashes will spread out evenly
instead of clumping and it’ll make
your eyes appear larger!
HACK #2:Enjoy the last bit of
Nutella by adding some ice-cream
to the jar. Delicious AND you only
have to wash up the spoon!
HACK #3:Use makeup wipes to
get rid of foundation stainson your
clothes while they’re still fresh – they
should come straight out.
HACK #4:Hang your shirts on the
lineon hangers so they dry straight
and you don’t have to iron them.
HACK #5:Getting your nails done

HACK #6: So you want a bag
chips, but the packet got stuck in t
vending machine? Don’t bang on the
machine to try and make it fall – yet.
Depending on the machine, it will
try and vend again. And the second
packet might get stuck. Press the
coin return and your money should
come back. Now you can try again.
might happen up to four times! If
you can still make a selection, try
and choose a different bag of chips
somewhere above the stuck ones. If
you do it right, it will fall, hit all the
other bags and you’ll get, like, five
bags for the price of one.
HACK #7: aint the ends of your P
keys with different-coloured nail
polish, so you can easily find the
one you need.
HACK #8: Use your downtime to
listen to podcasts that will improve
your life. Do you go on long walks or
bus rides to and from school? Listen
to Stuff You Should Know so you feel
way smart about weird things.
HACK #9: Clean out old tomato
sauce bottles and use them to squeeze
pancake mix straight into the pan!
HACK #10: Can’t open a small
tube lid? Wrap it with a rubber band
HACK #11:Put a wet towel over
yourshoulder while cutting onions.
It will keep your eyes from watering!
HACK #12:Whenwritinganemail,
leave the recipient field blank until
you’re ready to send it to prevent
sending it early by mistake.
Life. Sorted.You’re welcome.
And remember, you’re the best!


If this column was in f


it’d be Anna WIN-to



Anna =


are ba

Team GF x

d r o o l s

Nutella +
ice-cream, yassss!

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you will ever meet! 8 girlfriendMAG


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