Virtuoso Life Magazine — Australia Special 2017

(Ben Green) #1

Clare and Barossa Valleys
South Australia is home to two of the
country’s oldest wine regions. Settlers
from England, Ireland, and Poland first
moved here during the 1840s, estab-
lishing the roots of wine growing and
a rich heritage of villages and architec-
ture, much of which remains charm-
ingly intact.
Often called the home of Australian
riesling, Clare Valley’s Mediterranean-
like climate is ideal for the production
of that grape, plus chardonnay, shiraz,
cabernet sauvignon, sémillon, and
merlot. The valley is home to more than
40 wineries, most of which are small and
located along a 25-
mile corridor (walk,
cycle, or travel by
limo) between the
towns of Auburn
and Clare.
The magic of
Barossa Valley’s
wines lies in the
diversity of its
growing conditions
roughly 60 miles to
the south. Its Eden
Valley produces dis-
tinctive cool-climate
wine varieties, while
the region’s flagship
shiraz is grown in
the warmer low-
lying areas.
Also worthy: A short detour south of
Adelaide gets you to d’Arenberg Cube,
a glass-and-mirror Rubik’s Cube-like
winery complex at McLaren Vale that’s
generating lots of buzz and opens later
this year.

Don’t-miss wineries:
Penfolds (where you can
create your own blend),
Seppeltsfield (where you
can taste your birth year),
and Jacob’s Creek (which
hosts cooking classes and
behind-the-scenes tours).
Signature event: At the
Clare Valley Gourmet
Weekend in May, you
can be the first to sample
the year’s vintage before
the wine-making process
is complete, a rare privilege
usually reserved for
the winemaker.
Access: The Barossa
and Clare valleys are ap-
proximately 45 miles and
75 miles north of Adelaide,

The kitchen garden at Jacob’s Creek and (above)
a wine and canapé tasting at Seppeltsfield.
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