Chat It’s Fate — August 2017

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are aching

Dear Jayda


’m developing arthritis and
have a few achy joints. What
supplement can I take?
Christina, 60, Rye

Dear Christina
Osteoarthritis can start
from age 40, but
exercise and watching
your weight can help.
Turmeric can reduce
the pain, inflammation
and stiffness related to
arthritis. Turmeric+ by
FutureYou contains
turmeric and soy lecithin, which
makes it more easily absorbed.
l 30 day supply for £20 at






e may cringe with
horror at the thought
of a cold shower, but coming
out of your comfort zone
can boost your health.
A two-minute shock of
cold water in your daily
shower will improve
circulation, giving you a zing
that may lift your mood!
Taking cold showers is
an ancient yoga practice
called Ishnaan. Go on,
challenge yourself. Begin
with your feet and work
up to your head. Save
warm showers or baths
for relaxation.

Dear Jayda


here’s a burning
pain in the ball of
my foot when I walk.
It’s getting worse.
Patty, 45, Plymouth

Dear Patty
You may have a
condition called
Morton’s Neuroma
where a nerve
becomes irritated
and thickened.
You need to wear
shoes that give
enough space to
your toes to reduce
pressure. Trainers
are a good choice.
Resting, massaging
your toes and an
ice pack may relieve pain. Ask your GP
to send you to a podiatrist (foot doctor).
Take care of it and you could avoid the
need for steroid injections or surgery.

My foot is

really sore

Dear Jayda


y mum is an alcoholic,
and I’ve been dealing
with her drinking all my life.
It used to make me scared to
come home from school.
Nothing I do can stop her.

Dear Anonymous
The National Association for Children of
Alcoholics (NACOA) has this advice, whatever
your age: Remember the six Cs – ‘I didn’t cause it, I can’t cure it, and
I can’t control it. I can take care of myself, I can communicate my
feelings and I can make healthy choices.’ Get in touch with them. They
can help you. Go to or call 0800 358 3456.

Mum won’t

stop drinking


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