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Is fear


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Dear Katie


y daughter’s pony Silver
has been with us for four
years. About two months ago,
he started to poke his nose
and stick up his head when
she tries to take rein contact.
Fiona, 52, Dudley

Dear Fiona
Silver’s suffering from a food
intolerance, which is causing this
behaviour. Look at his diet and
research specialist food he can
eat. He’s sensitive, and this’ll
become more acute
as he grows

Dear Katie


ow can I break the
negativity that cloaks all my
relationships? I like pink,
black and silver.
Lucky, 36, London

Dear Lucky
Pink means
you see the
good in
everyone, but can
be naive, silver
shows you have an
insightful nature,
but with idealised ideas of love,
and black reveals a strong will,
but fear holds you back. Learn
to love yourself, as lack of
confidence causes you
pain. Then you’ll
draw true love
to you.

Dear Katie


hen will
I be able
to take the
next step,
physically and
emotionally? I
just can’t do it.
Am I being
a coward?
Nasim, 25,

Your aura’s
with the
darker yellow,
green and
showing your
self-esteem to
be pretty low. This is a result
of holding onto memories, and
being critical in the present. The
good news is your connection
to spirit is incredibly strong.
You’re being protected and your
intuition’s growing, so keep faith.

Dear Katie


t the moment, I’m working hard and
really enjoying it, but it seems like
there’s a lot of waiting to come to fruition.
Jo, 30, Nottingham

Dear Jo
Your spirit guide is a 17th-Century Navajo
Indian called Cheveyo. He was a spiritual being,
and walks with you as a beacon of light. Good
things will happen, but he urges you to keep balance.
Don’t neglect one area in favour of another.

Dear Katie


’m worried about getting too
old to have a second child.
It’s causing tension
with my partner.
Sandra, 34,

Dear Sandra
There are four
crystals to help: jade
for fertility, moonstone for
women’s healing and balancing hormones,
rose quartz for serenity, and unakite for
the reproduction system. Put them on
your stomach for 10 mins a day and
visualise yourself pregnant. Carry
them with you always.

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