OK! Magazine Australia — October 16, 2017

(Brent) #1

(^) OCTOBER 16, 2017 5
Her baby daddy’s Oscar
nomination wasn’t a big
enough reason for Eva
Mendes to leave the house,
but tell her Ryan Gosling’s
hosting Saturday Night
Live and she’ll want
a front-row seat! The
couple hit the town hand
in hand for the first time
in what seems like forever
after Ryan’s hilarious
stint on the skit show.
Introducing... Amalia
Millepied! Mum Natalie
Portman has brought
her seven-month-old
baby girl with hubby
Benjamin Millipied out
into the world – and she’s
gorgeous! A little sister
for brother Aleph, six,
the super-cute bub must
be very well-behaved,
because her star mum
is looking fabulous!
After giving birth, the
36-year-old admitted,
‘I don’t do much beauty
maintenance. I find
it tricky right now
having a small baby.’
You can hardly tell!
It’s been more than a decade since
Audrina Patridge ended things
with The Hills’ resident bad boy
Justin Bobby. But it seems the
35-year-old rocker-turned-hair
stylist still carries a flame for the
newly single reality star!
After news broke that Audrina
had filed for a restraining order
against her husband
of 10 months, Corey
Bohan, followed
by divorce papers
two days later,
Justin has reached
out to his ex, 32.
‘My first reaction
is the thought of
the child, obviously,’
he says, referring
to the estranged
couple’s 16-month-
old daughter Kirra
Max. ‘My second thought is if
she’s OK, because she’s been
a longtime friend. My thoughts
and my heart go out to her and
her little one at this time.’
Justin later elaborated, saying
the pair were ‘chatting’. ‘She
had reached out to me and kind
of thanked me for just being
nice and a friend
about the whole
thing,’ he reveals,
remembering the
good times they
shared from their
days on The Hills.
‘Me and her
out of everybody,
like, you know, had
the coolest bond...
guy-girl bond.’
Sounds like the rest
is still unwritten!
Eva &
What a cutie!
Justin & Audrina
‘I know that I’m with the
person I’m supposed to be
with,’ the actor, 36, says of
his partner, 43. ‘There’s
nothing else I’m looking for’
Corey has been
having scheduled
visits with daughter
Kirra since the split

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