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Fans’ hopes of a Sex and The City 3 have
been quashed after rumours that Kim
Cattrall’s ‘diva demands’ have shut down
production on the project. ‘The only reason
this movie isn’t being made is because of
Kim Cattrall,’ shares an insider. ‘Everyone
was looking forward to making this movie,
but Kim made it all about her.’
However, the star was quick to dismiss
the allegations. ‘The only “DEMAND” I ever

made was that I didn’t want to do a 3rd
film,’ the 61-year-old actress tweeted,
‘& that was back in 2016.’
But Kim’s former SATC co-stars didn’t
necessarily agree – with Willie Garson,
who played Stanford Blatch in the original
TV series, appearing to call out the star on
social media. ‘And that, is that,’ he tweeted.
‘And sadly, the reasons are true. Period...’
The show’s stars Sarah Jessica Parker and

Kristin Davis also appeared to back up the
claims, revealing they were ‘disappointed’
to not be able to share the next chapter
of their characters’ stories.
‘It’s over, we’re not doing it,’ shared
Sarah Jessica. ‘I’m disappointed. We had
this beautiful, funny, heartbreaking, joyful,
very relatable script and story.’ Kristin,
added, ‘It’s deeply frustrating not to be
able to share that chapter... with all of you.’

The only ‘DEMAND’ ❝
I ever made was that
I didn’t want to do
a 3rd film... & that
was back in 2016.

It’s disappointing we ❝
don’t get to tell the story
for that audience that’s
been vocal in wanting
another movie.

Disappointed for ❝
all crew holding on for
negotiations to conclude
for their jobs, and of
course, for the fans.

We are not going to be ❝
able to make a 3rd film.
I wish that we could’ve
made the final chapter,
on our own terms.

SATC cast hit back at Kim


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