Australian Knitting — July 2014

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News Knitting snippets from around the globe

Knitting clubs, knitting cruises, shows, fairs and fetes are all on the ‘news snippets’

menu this edition. So make a ‘cuppa’, sit down and enjoy!

By Susan Cordes

Knitting Cruises

Interesting Craft Shops to Visit

If you are into cruising, take a
look at the knitting cruise on
offer with craft cruises. Craft yarn
council certified teacher Gwen
Bortner will be your tutor on this
exciting Alaskan cruise. There is
time for learning, exploration and

meeting other knitters and takes
place in July.

Check it out at: or

What is a
knitting club?
Knitting clubs around the globe
operate in different ways – some
clubs knit for charity, some are
social groups that ‘knit and natter’,
whilst others are more commercial
and offer top knitwear designs
on a monthly basis with kits that
include all the materials you need
to complete the mystery project.
For a great listing of knitting clubs
go to:-
Other interesting websites to
check out

Take a look at
for contact with some wonderful
people in the knitting world.
You can exchange experiences,
organise and find new projects
and much more! Signing up to
this website is easy – just register
as a new user and create your
username and password – then
you can enter the groups such
as “Friends of Katia” and start
interacting with like-minded people
from around the world. Another
one to explore is ‘knitpicks’.

Black Sheep Wool ‘N’ Wares has a
huge range of yarns, books, patterns
and knitting accessories. It also
stocks handmade garments and felted
products. Situated in the Northern
Tablelands in the small town of Guyra,
north of Armadale in NSW, it is a great
place to stop off and browse.
Wangaratta Woollen Mills originally
opened in 1923, produced a wide
range of quality yarns - and at one
time was Australia’s largest mainland
mill. Over the years many changes
took place, which enabled the merger
of the Wangaratta Woollen Mills with
Cleckheaton and Panda Yarns. This
progressive conglomerate soon

acquired Yarra Falls, Patons Australia
and Shepherd of New Zealand. Now
called ACS – Australian Country
Spinners it covers the main yarns
available in Australia. http://www.auspinners.



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