Australian Knitting — July 2014

(Jacob Rumans) #1

8 Australian Knitting


Fashion Trends

Trends for the man in your life
Fluffy knitted jumpers for the blokes –
Givenchy shows them off with slouchy
trousers, whilst Paul Smith is rocking
and rolling teaming jumpers up with
leather trousers. Louis Vuitton is into
stripes this season – so a good mix
to take your fancy! Shapes for men
include round-neck knits, pie-crust
necklines, fair-isle knitted waistcoats
and tank tops, zipped cardigans and
believe it or not – twinsets!

Colours to work with
Colours this season are varied and
and inky blue
r 5BO

However the bottom line is – go
with what suits you or the person
you are knitting for. I for one, feel
autumn and winter colours should
be bright and bold to cheer up the
manufacturers create more complex
yarns that are twisted and dyed and
include mixed and sometimes unusual

by Susan Cordes

With winter well on its way, trends change to meet the new seasons demands, in colour, design,
style and of course material. This colder season sees specialty yarns top of the list made from
mohair, merino sheep, yak and even corn! Whilst chunky yarns that knit up fast and are nice and
warm are in the fore, along with arm knitting, small loom knitting and one-skein projects.

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