Diabetic Living Australia – July-August 2019

(Barré) #1



Yes. When selecting a
pain reliever, your GP or
pharmacist will always
consider whether it’s the
safest and best choice
for you, and whether
it’ll work well for the
type of pain you’re
However, ensuring
you benefit as much
as possible from that
careful consideration
relies on taking your
pain medication
according to the
directions, regardless of
whether it’s medication
that’s available for
purchase over the
counter or on a
prescription-only basis.
This will ensure you get
the most out of your
pain relievers.
Your TerryWhite
Chemmart pharmacist
will always provide you
with specific advice and
instructions, but if you

don’t understand it or
are confused about
anything, ask them to
run through it again.
One thing to be
particularly mindful
of is taking your pain
medication at the
appropriate time,
and the TerryWhite
Chemmart Health
App can help. As well
as sending reminders
when your scripts
are running low and
allowing you to order
your prescriptions via
the app to skip the
queues in-store, you can
also set yourself alerts
to remind you to take
your pain medication
when its due.

Is it really that important to take my pain
medication exactly as it’s prescribed?

Take your pain


according to

the directions

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