PC World - USA (2021-06)

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JUNE 2022 PCWorld 11

When Google bought Fitbit last year, you
could be forgiven for thinking the eventual
fate of the popular activity tracker might be a
repeat of Intel’s botched Basis buy (fave.
co/39kZees). But Google appears to be
serious about its acquisition, announcing and
showing off the Pixel
Watch (fave.co/3st2BXp)
after months of leaks and
speculation. Fitbit
technology will be baked
right in.
The Pixel Watch will
debut later this year, when
Google will announce
features like its price,
battery life, and so on. On
Wednesday, Google

Simple and to the point: this new version of Google Glass could work.

The Pixel Watch will debut later this year.

showed off features such
as sleep tracking and
continuous heart
monitoring—table stakes
for activity trackers that
debuted years ago. To
be fair, the company has
yet to announce the full
breadth of the Pixel
Watch’s capabilities. We
know, too, that Google
intends that its
smartwatch be more
than just an exercise
monitor, with payment
and even home-control functions built in.
Samsung and Apple are the dominant
players in smartwatches, with Fitbit and others
providing more fitness-oriented bands. Can
Google manage to pull off a unified device?
We’ll have to wait until the Pixel Watch
formally launches.
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