PC World - USA (2021-06)

(Maropa) #1
JUNE 2022 PCWorld 9

Using machine learning, automated
summarization (or TL:DR Mode) will
automatically pull out the key points of a
document, providing a short summary of
what’s being discussed. What Google
showed off at Google I/O has incredible
potential, though you might be a bit leery of
running your company’s latest sales strategy
document through Google’s AI. And while
summarization is going to come to “other
products within Google Workspace,” it will
only be available for chat capabilities at first,
“providing a helpful digest of chat
conversations.” Expect TL:DR mode to
coordinate with Google’s automated
transcription and translation services, which
are being added to Google Meet.
Will TL:DR Mode ever be better than a
curated executive summary? And will it

visually search.
Imagine walking
through a
grocery store,
with your eyes
scanning the
shelves. On
some level you
know what
those objects
are, and possibly
their relative
worth and what
their quality is.
That’s how
Scene Exploration will work: You’ll pan your
smartphone camera over a scene, and
Google will scan the various items and ping
the web for further information. The idea is
that you’ll approach the scene with a filter in
mind: scanning a shelf full of wine, for
example, to find a well-rated vintage or a
chardonnay that was made by a Black-
owned winery.
Unfortunately, Google didn’t announce a
timeframe on when Scene Exploration will
become a reality.

Some of us can read and process information
very quickly; others need more time to absorb
things. And many simply don’t have the time
to scrub through a story, let alone a couple
hours of a YouTube video.

Scene Exploration is like having a “supercharged Ctrl-F for the world around you.”
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