(Barré) #1


This was the beginning of the im-
provisations that produced the sculp-
tures you see in this magazine.
The results, over the past two
years, are a series of pieces about
our environment. Instant responses
to what we see when we look at the
sky or into water, the sea, a lake, a riv-
er or a meandering stream. What the
wind or a light breeze feels like. How
fast-moving clouds appear and change
before and during a storm.
McGuire said, “Many images are
evoked that remind me of when I was
a child and would often sit in our cov-
ered doorway during a thunderstorm,
and watch the rain, hear the thunder
and see the lightning.”
The wooden assemblage sculp-
tures are painted black in order for the
visual experience to be a focus on the
forms, texture and the light and shad-
ow that fall on the pieces as well as on
the walls.
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