Boating — December 2018

(Brent) #1


SPEED EFFICIENCY OPERATIONnaut. stat. n. mi. s. mi. sound
rpm knots mph gph mpg mpg range range angle level
1000 3.65 4.20 0.70 5.21 6.00 164 189 0 65
1500 5.39 6.20 1.40 3.85 4.43 121 140 2 67
2000 6.69 7.70 2.40 2.79 3.21 88 101 5 75
2500 7.82 9.00 3.40 2.30 2.65 72 83 7 77
3000 13.73 15.80 5.50 2.50 2.87 79 90 6 85
3500 19.55 22.50 6.00 3.26 3.75 103 118 2 85
4000 23.38 26.90 8.00 2.92 3.36 92 106 2 82
4500 27.81 32.00 10.40 2.67 3.08 84 97 2 85
5000 30.41 35.00 13.20 2.30 2.65 73 84 2 86
5500 34.15 39.30 16.10 2.12 2.44 67 77 2 89

High Points
XRegalVue display offers
touchscreen control of all major
functions, including surf tabs and
GPS-based Zero Off speed control.
XQuick Launch feature, accessed
through the touchscreen, drops
tabs to allow the boat to quickly
come on plane and automatically
trims once the hull is on plane.
XOptional sport tower anchors
the towrope high off the water,
providing a solid pull and allowing
wakeboarders to achieve
maximum airtime.

· LOA: 19'10" · BEAM: 8'3"
· DRY WEIGHT: 3,100 lb. · SEATING/
WEIGHT CAPACITY: 9/1,170 lb.
· FUEL CAPACITY: 35 gal.

How We Tested
ENGINE: Volvo Penta V6-200-C/FWD
DRIVE/PROP: Forward Drive/K2 propset
GEAR RATIO: 2.32:1
FUEL LOAD: 26 gal.
CREW WEIGHT: 355 lb.
$35,505 (with test power)


19 Surf

by a 5-by-6-foot L-shaped bench, with
a fl ip-over seat back accommodating a
forward-facing passenger or rear-facing
observer behind the port console. Stowage
is mixed between an enclosed compart-
ment to port and the open nook for a
25-quart cooler below the center seat.
A 5-foot-by-2-foot-2-inch sun pad com-
pletes the picture for lounging or serves
as a great spot to gear up for watersports
facing the extended swim platform.
Forward Drive moves the pivot point
farther forward, resulting in a highly agile
21-foot craft. It also provides the speed
and economy of a regular sterndrive. With
the 200 hp version of Volvo Penta’s Forward
Drive, time to plane was brief, with the bow
dropping in a scant 2.6 seconds en route to
the boat’s 39.3 mph top speed.

With its surf-friendly Volvo Penta Forward
Drive, which tucks the Duoprop propeller
set under the boat where a fallen rider can-
not hit it, and a nationally advertised price
of just over $35,000, Regal’s new 19 Surf
goes a long way toward bringing wakesurf-
ing to the masses. But just how well can a
19-foot boat produce surf?
As our day on the lake run-
ning and riding behind this
new model proved, it can pro-
duce surprisingly nice surf
waves, especially consider-
ing the boat also forgoes the
expense and complication of
an installed ballast system.
The task of generating a surf-
able wave falls primarily to a
pair of wave-shaping tabs at-
tached to the transom, as well
as to the trim of the Volvo
Penta Forward Drive. With
the appropriate tab deployed

and a little fi ne-tuning of the trim, Emily
Dale, of our sister publication Wa ke b o a rd -
ing magazine, easily found the wave’s sweet
spot and enjoyed a solid recreational ride
suited to all ages and skill levels. Impres-
When not playing the role of wave
machine, the 19 is very much a classic bow-
rider. The forward cockpit features 3  feet
6 inches of seat space to both port and
starboard, allowing a pair of passengers
to comfortably recline on forward-facing
seat backs. Primary storage is located
behind those hinged seat back s, in the gen-
erous area below the port and starboard
consoles. In the main cockpit, the wrap-
around-style helm seat is complemented


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19 Surf, scan
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