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Is it possible to create new mailboxes in the
Mail app on my iPad so I can move emails from
my inbox to a designated mailbox?

Inbox Out

Dear Inbox Out,

In addition to the stock mailbox folders such as
Sent, Junk, Trash, and Archived that your iCloud,
Gmail, and other mailboxes come with, you can also
create custom mailbox folders on your iPad or
iPhone to help you get emails out of your inbox
without archiving or deleting them. Navigate to the
main Mailboxes menu in the Mail app and tap Edit
in the upper right corner and then tap New Mailbox
at the bottom of the screen. Enter a name for your
new mailbox folder. Next, tap on the field under
Mailbox Location and then tap the location (Gmail,
iCloud, etc., or a folder in one of those mailboxes)
where you want to save your new folder. Tap Save
to create the new mailbox folder. Next time you
want to move an email from your inbox, tap Edit
in the upper right corner of your inbox, select the
emails you want to move, tap Move at the bottom
of the screen, and then tap your new mailbox folder.

How do I get back to the Library in Books when I
have an open book?

Get Back

Dear Get Back,

There should be a back arrow in the upper left
corner of the page. If the arrow isn’t there, tap the
middle of your iPhone or iPad screen to summon it,
then tap the arrow to close the book and return to
the Library. While you also used to be able to use a
pinching gesture to close a book and return to the
Library in the Books app, this function is no longer

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How do I make a mirror image from a photo
saved on my iPhone? For example, in a photo
I am looking left and want to change it so I am
looking right.

Flip It

Dear Flip It,
Prior to iOS 13, the only way to do this was with
a third-party photo editing app such as Flipper. In
the newest version of iOS, you can create a mirror
image of a photo right in the Apple Photos app. Tap
on the photo you wish to flip and then tap Edit in
the upper right corner. Tap on the crop tool in the
bottom right. You will find the horizontal flip tool in
the upper left corner next to the rotate photo tool;
it looks like a truncated triangle with a line with
arrows on both ends on top. Tap that to create your
mirror image and then tap Done.

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