+iPad iPhone Life - USA (2019-Winter)

(Antfer) #1

The New York Times Digest (Free
with Audible subscription)
Audible offers a free daily digest
of the New York Times for mem-
bers. The whole podcast lasts about
half an hour, perfect to supple-
ment my morning routine. Current
events, now part of this complete
-Cullen Thomas, Producer & Writer

Hadestown (Album available on
Apple Music)
I love musicals. Every year, I
make sure to download the latest
Tony award-winning soundtracks.
Currently, I’m listening to the work-
shop version of Hadestown at least
once a day. I love the blend of New
Orleans sound and Greek mythol-
-Tamlin Day, Web Writer

A People’s History of the United
States (Book available on Amazon
Kindle or Audible)
I’ve been listening to this audio-
book for over twelve hours now and
have learned American history that
I never encountered as a student.
The book includes stories from Na-
tive Americans, women, and people
of color; all the missing perspec-
tives and facts that don’t make it
into Eurocentric history books.

  • Leanne Hays, Associate Editor

Spotify’s Your Time Capsule
I’ve enjoyed Spotify’s continued
efforts in personalized playlists. The
Your Time Capsule playlist includes
some of my favorite artists, includ-
ing HAIM, the Beatles, Paul Simon,
and Fleetwood Mac.

  • Raphael Burnes, Chief
    Technology Offi cer

The Shrink Next Door (Podcast
available on Apple Podcasts, Stitch-
er, Spotify, and more)
I just fi nished listening to inde-
pendent podcast publisher Won-
dery’s true crime show The Shrink
Next Door, which centers on the
toxic relationship between a client
and his psychiatrist. I really liked this
podcast’s compelling storytelling. I
fi nished it in a day!

  • Rheanne Taylor, Video Producer

Big Thief (Albums available on Ap-
ple Music, Spotify, and more)
Big Thief’s melodies are both
soulful and melancholy. The gor-
geous voice of lead singer Adrianne
Lenker makes a great addition to
any dinner party or brunch playlist.

  • Donna Schill Cleveland, Editor
    in Chief





*photo credit: Matthew Murphy

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