+iPad iPhone Life - USA (2019-Winter)

(Antfer) #1
58 Shake Up Your App Routine
Try these alternatives to
Apple’s native apps.

62 Home Improvement
Apps for building out your
dream home.

64 Be the Holiday Hero
Recipe, game, and gift-
giving apps that will save
the day.

Life & Tech

68 Set Up Your Own Indoor
Biking Station
Keep fi t this winter with a
smart stationary bike at your

Top Tips

70 Time-Saving iOS 13 Tips
How Apple’s latest
operating system can
improve your effi ciency.

73 Get Sirious
Your guide to using
everyone’s favorite digital
assistant, Siri.

76 Organize Your Apps
Ten ways to get your apps
in order.


54 Lauren Mims

67 Neha Kusum Purohit

Winter 2019

Regular Departments

4 Editor's Message

6 Stuff the iPhone Life Team Is

8 Online at iPhoneLife.com

10 Hey, Sarah

12 What Our Team Is Downloading

80 iView: The Evolution of iPhone


14 Apple Event Roundup
Everything the tech giant
announced this fall.

22 Which iPhone Should I Buy?
Comparing the iPhone 11,
11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max.

26 Is the Apple Card Worth
How Apple’s credit card
stacks up.

Best Apps

52 iCloud Photo vs. Google
Which photo management
system is right for you?

55 Self-Care Apps
Get in a better headspace
with this collection of apps.
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