(Kiana) #1
July/August 2019


George Herring on
Vietnam’s lessons for
leaving Afghanistan.

Amanda Sloat on the
increasingly messy
Brexit breakup.

Madawi al-Rasheed
on the new Saudi


American Hustle 62

What Mueller Found—and Didn’t Find—About Trump and Russia

Stephen Kotkin

The New Tiananmen Papers 80

Inside the Secret Meeting That Changed China

Andrew J. Nathan

A World Safe for Autocracy? 92

China’s Rise and the Future o Global Politics

Jessica Chen Weiss

Europe Alone 109

What Comes After the Transatlantic Alliance

Alina Polyakova and Benjamin Haddad

The Global Economy’s Next Winners 121

What It Takes to Thrive in the Automation Age

Susan Lund, James Manyika, and Michael Spence

Africa’s Democratic Moment? 131

The Five Leaders Who Could Transform the Region

Judd Devermont and Jon Temin

With Great Demographics Comes Great Power 146

Why Population Will Drive Geopolitics

Nicholas Eberstadt

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