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TRISH HALPIN Editor in Chief
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Lastweekend, I spent a rare couple of hours
with my brother and sister going through our
old family photo albums in order to put together
a slide show for our dad’s big birthday bash.
The instant we turned the cover of the first
book(featuring a couple gallivanting through
a wood, decked out in flares and 70s mullets)
the memories came flooding back. A photo on
a beach confirmed my recollection that every one
ofour summer holidays in the west of Ireland was
sunny,which of course is impossible – as anyone
who’sever visited the near permanently soggy
Emerald Isle will know. But no matter, that is my happy, rain-free memory
andI’m sticking with it. It was a poignant afternoon, cooing over the sweet
littlematching dresses Mum made for my sister and me on her old Singer
sewingmachine (oh, the love), and it carried even more significance having
justread Rosie Mullender’s report on the importance of creating happy
memories(page 78). I’d never considered before that memories help shape
ouridentity and that feeling strong emotional connections with moments
inour past can impact our happiness today, as well as our hopes for the
future. With the onslaught of technology changing the way our brains
are processing and storing memories, I’d definitely advise spending five
minutesreading this fascinating article.
I’m hoping that we’ve created some joyful memories here atMarie Claire
thismonth for the ten women we’ve named as our 2019 Future Shapers
(page 99). Along with my fellow judges – BBC presenter Tina Daheley,
MarketingDirector of Johnson & Johnson Nicky Sunshine, and one of
last year’s Future Shapers, Anna Whitehouse, founder of Mother Pukka
and flexible working champion – I was once again blown away by the
achievementsof these women who are out there changing the way we live
andwork, redefining success on their own terms and generally being totally
brilliant.This is the fourth year that we have partnered with Neutrogena for
theseawards and it’s always such a pleasure to work with a brand that truly
valuesand celebrates women. Thank you to everyone involved in what, for
me,is the highlight of our year, and whatMarie Claire is all about – amazing
women doing awesome, memorable things.


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