British Vogue - 11.2019

(Nancy Kaufman) #1

    Villa Stéphanie, Germany
    Located within a historic German mansion, once home to Napoleon’s
    adopted daughter, the contemporary medical spa Villa Stéphanie offers
    full-service diagnostics and advanced treatments. You’ll leave Baden-
    Baden in considerably better health than when you arrived: its renowned
    The Kings Way programme comprises a blockbuster schedule of 91
    appointments, ranging from organ-function tests to lymphatic drainage.
    Starring some of Germany’s most-revered specialists – including
    cardiologists, gastroenterologists and dentists, alongside a wealth of
    holistic practitioners and programmes of nutritional analysis – this is the
    ultimate one-stop shop, designed to discover and remedy whatever ails
    you. Set amid the picturesque Black Forest, it offers the perfect surrounds
    within which to embark on a new chapter of wellness. Highlights include
    the low-calorie but Michelin-starred cuisine, and the grandly decorated
    rooms – which have been lined with copper plates to insulate against
    e-smog (invisible pollution from electronics) and are equipped with a
    “digital detox” panel that turns off everything from Wi-Fi to power with
    the flick of a switch. Whatever you’re after, it’s on offer here. OS
    The Kings Way, from £8,900 a person for 10 nights,

    Sha Wellness, Spain
    Sha Wellness has long been considered one of the most elegant
    ways to detox – situated within a fabulous modern estate on Spain’s
    Mediterranean coast, it appears more like the setting for a luxury
    escape than a medical MOT. That said, its wellness programme is world-
    renowned; founded on the restorative principles of a macrobiotic diet,
    it embraces both Eastern and Western medicine to kick-start weight
    loss, cleansing or stress management, and is built upon the philosophy
    of preventative medicine. It has also launched a range of pioneering
    non-invasive therapies for the brain. Dr Bruno Ribeiro uses brain
    photobiomodulation technology developed by Nasa to improve memory
    and physical endurance, and transcranial direct current stimulation, used
    by Harvard Medical School, which is designed to tackle chronic pain and
    sleep disorders. State-of-the-art brain training at its best. A luxury getaway
    where you leave healthier, lighter and smarter? Sold. Olivia Singer
    Detox programme, from £3,175 for seven days,



Whether it’s a luxurious retreat
or toxin-busting detox programme,
the Vogue editors’ guide to the best
international wellness destinations will
have you feeling on top of the world



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