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Editor’s letter

Three of my top
EDITOR’S CHOICEpicks this month...

Claire Howlett, Editor

There’s a cornucopia of advice
and insight within the pages of
this issue. There are two
fantastic portrait workshops,
both unique and insightful in
their own ways. There’s also a
workshop dedicated to showing
you what Magic: The Gathering
look for in portfolios.
Most important, though, is our feature on the do’s
and don’ts of commissioning on page 22 .Every
artist has to navigate this tricky path at some point
and it can be hard to emotionally detach from your
work. I appreciated the candour of the artists who
featured in this story. Over six pages we guide you
through contracts, earnings, plus what and when
and how to charge. It’s important to talk openly
about the business side of art. I hope that it helps
you understand the value your work and to consider
the cost associated with what you create.
Also you know we always love to see what you’re
painting, so please submit your work to our FXPosé
section. We have digital and traditional gallery
sections, so please visit to
find out what you need to send in.

Conversation pieces
Andrew manages to capture something surprisingly
intimate in his large-scale works. They really speak to me.

How to charge for your art
Do whatever it takes to remember the commissioning
advice from these professional artists.


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Welcome to...

Watercolour workshop
Snuggly pile of dragons? Yes please! Where do I sign up
for a monthly delivery of Emily Hare’s art...?

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