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10 FXPosé
You submit your work to us and we then
show your gorgeous art to the world!

News and events

22 The do’s and don’ts of
taking commissions
Leading artists share their real-life
experiences and essential advice on how
to take on a commission without getting
your fingers burned.

30 Artist in Residence
From sculpture to digital art, woodwork
to traditional media, Blizzard artist and
independent author Kymba LeCrone has a
lot of creative irons in the fire.


38 Interview: Andrew Hem
Gang signs and agriculture: the
Cambodian-American artist reveals how
his art was shaped by growing up between
two very different cultures...

48 Sketchbook: Ahmed Aldoori
Grungy cyberpunk imagery rubs
shoulders with fantastical figures and
anatomy exercises on the pages of this
concept artist’s sketchbook.

56 Interview: Alex Konstad
The American illustrator and concept
artist with a particular penchant for the
horror genre tells us how hard times got
him where he is today.


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Artist in Residence:
Kymba LeCrone

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Commissioning do’s and don’ts




Artist Portfolio Artist Portfolio

“I’m just trying to
keep things strange
and different...”
Alex’s portfolio hits these targets

“Good art is something
that moves you, that
evokes emotion”
Andrew gets to the heart of it



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