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will ensure that when attaching, you have
a line to follow as the sugarpaste will
stretch. Remove the template.

Steps 3a & b.
Take the remaining Autumn Gold and
roll out a piece long enough to fit the
template. Cut out the shape of the
template. Use edible glue to attach
following the marked guideline. You may
need to push the paste in place with a

Step 4.
Mix 250g of white with 125g of the
remaining cream paste. Roll out thinly
and cut rough semicircles approximately
18cm at the widest edge. Using three
evenly spaced dowels as formers, take
the straight edge of the semicircle and
fold over behind itself so you have a
smooth edge. Lay over the dowels and
using your fingers, gently smooth around
the dowels and push together to forms
three pleats.

Step 5.
Remove the dowels from underneath
without disturbing the pleats, gather
the ends together and pinch to secure.
Holding the pleated sugarpaste at both
ends, the sugarpaste should drop slightly
in the middle forming a drape. Tweak the
pleats to suit. Repeat six times making
sure all the drapes are roughly equal in
size and ‘drop’. Attach to the cake with
edible glue following the arc line of the
Autumn Gold sugarpaste.

Step 6.
Cut a triangle the height of the middle
tier out of silicone/greaseproof paper.
Use the side of the triangle template to
mark a diagonal guideline across the front
of the cake.

Steps 7a & b.
Roll out more of the remaining cream
sugarpaste in a strip long enough to go
around the sides of the deep middle tier
and deep enough to go over the three
evenly spaced dowels as before. Fold the
top edge over and lay over the dowels. If
the dowels are not long enough, gently
smooth around the dowels and carefully
move along so the dowels can be used to
‘form’ the rest of the paste.

Steps 8a & b.
Stack the deep middle tier on the bottom
tier. Glue below the guideline on the
middle tier and attach the pleated paste.
Continue to roll enough strips working
up from the bottom of the cake to the
guideline. Use your fingers to define the
pleats as you work the paste around the

3b 4

2c 3a

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