(Jacob Rumans) #1


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diameter circle to create a back for the
flowers. The backing needs to be slightly
smaller than the final flower. Roll a strip
of one of the colours approximately 8cm
across. Brush glue along the strip on one
side and fold over softly – don’t form a
sharp crease; as these are fabric flowers,
it is important they look soft. Take the
folded strip and start to form into a
wreath by tucking the paste onto itself.
Glue to the backing disc. With the other
colour, roll a narrower strip 5cm wide and
repeat the pleating and tucking process
to form a smaller ring to sit on top of the
last. Alternating the colours, repeat twice
more cutting strips 4cm and 2.5cm wide.
Allow to dry flat. Simpler fabric flowers
can be made by rolling a folded strip onto
itself in the same way the rolled roses
were made.

Step 16.
Make an assortment of flowers in the
different colours and let dry.

Step 17.
Put Renshaw royal icing in a piping bag
without a tip and use to stick the flowers
and leaves on the cake. Start at the point
the drapes join. Take three large rolled
roses and attach to the cake. Arrange the
smaller leaves so they just stick out from
behind the rolled roses.

Step 18.
Using the statement fabric flowers and
fabric effect leaves, arrange and stick on
the top and middle tiers using royal icing.

Step 19.
Pipe burgundy pearls around the flowers
in a random fashion.

18 19


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