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Fractal Colors’ Calligra Brush
Pens represent the highest
quality in terms of edible
colouring pens. This is due to
their unique soft tips which
do not scrape the icing and
allow for very fine lines where
needed or wider ones when
a bit of pressure is applied.
Alternatively, they are excellent
for calligraphic writing, drawing
and colouring on icing sheets!

This Autumn Leaf Mould allows you to create beautiful autumn
themed cakes and bakes quickly and easily. Giving you two maple
leaves, a bare branch, berries and a sprig. Works perfectly with
Karen Davies' gingerbread recipe for autumnal cookies.

You can now create beautiful lettering
effortlessly with Sweet Stamp. Sweet
Stamp includes sets of individual letter
stamps that you emboss and paint.
There are loads of styles and sizes to
choose from.
Worldwide delivery

These adorable mini spatulas are perfect for
decorating individual cupcakes and handling
small mixtures plus their cute pastel designs
are great for spring/summer baking!

FONDUST® is not only an easy and versatile
product to use, it saves, time, money and
headaches as well. It can be used to colour
fondant, gum paste, sugar work, royal icing,
buttercream, cake, cookie batter and more.
It has great UV resistance so the colours won’t
fade and will stay vibrant much longer. With only
3g of FONDUST®, you can colour 1kg of white
fondant into a deep navy, black or intense red
and cover your cake all within the same hour. No
need to wait anymore! Try it and you’ll love it!
From £4.
See retailers at for
customers outside Europe

Dinkydoodle Designs airbrush kit
comes with hard shell carry case,
powerful 40 PSI compressor, multi
power buttons, lightweight black
aluminium pen, two detachable
interchangeable cups and easy
release connector for switching pens or
disconnection for cleaning.
RRP £129.
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